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I'm also a fan of the applicator—the dropper really pulls in a solid amount of the serum on the first try. Results and opinion after testing: "I've been using it in the morning before applying my makeup and in the evening after I shower, and my skin actually looks brighter and feels softer. For the price, this is definitely something I plan on keeping in my skincare routine.

That said, to my surprise, I really dig this serum. The formula has a water base, which felt lightweight on my skin and ended up absorbing more seamlessly than solutions that are a bit more oily.

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Full disclosure: The smell was a bit too earthy for me. I prefer smelling like a punch bowl. Results and opinion after testing: "I had a slight reduction in redness, but nothing crazy, to be honest. That said, I do think I'll definitely start incorporating this into my daily routine. Even a lazy beauty girl like me can handle a few drops of this stuff in the morning. Skin type: "Since I spend the entire day inside at my desk, my skin is dull and a little dry.

Concerns: "My skin's not 'glowy' and plump, so I hoped I could give my sun-deprived skin an energetic boost. It dissolved into my skin within seconds after application and has a pleasantly soft floral scent. Results and opinion after testing: "From the glowing reviews, I expected a total skin makeover with this product. After gently applying a dab of the serum before putting on my makeup for two weeks, I did notice that my skin was brighter and more evenly toned. I had to take my application down a notch, however: Twice-a-day usage made my sensitive skin burn.

Skin type: "I have combination skin, with some patches on my face that are dry and flaky. Concerns: "Recently I've had a spate of acne and acne marks.

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I also have some major sun exposure allergies, and all the dark spots because of that are my other big concern. I found it refreshing to use on a clean face after a shower, and it has absolutely no smell.

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Results and opinion after testing: "Initially I thought it could be a placebo effect that's making me think that my skin looks dewy and more evened out. But after several uses, I'm confident that the vitamin C and glycerine which has been a part of my family's beauty ritual for generations is really making my skin brighter and more glowy.

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