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We tested this set, and it did fairly well across the board.

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Note that the Kohl's online Black Friday sale is now live. We didn't test this set, but Haier TVs haven't done especially well in our ratings. It's a 4K TV with built-in Chromecast. We didn't test this set, but as we mentioned above, Haier TVs haven't done especially well in our ratings. We didn't test this set, but Sharp TVs have tended to be middle-of-the-pack performers.

This set is available before Black Friday at the same price. If so, it has great high-def picture quality, but the Ultra High Definition performance isn't nearly as good. ET Nov. We tested this model, and while it did fairly well in HD picture quality, its UHD performance was below par. So this is a decent but not spectacular deal.

An entry-level model, it wound up in the middle of our TV ratings in its size class. We have it listed in our ratings without the FXZA suffix. But note this is a one-day-only sale on Nov. As a result, we don't know how good a set it is, or even if it's at a great price. In any event, it's now sold out on the Walmart website, so we're waiting to see whether it reappears.

We don't see this model anywhere else.

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In general, Samsung TVs have done well in our ratings, and this looks like an entry-level 4K set. It's a tested set that did nicely in our ratings. As with the inch version, you get a three-year warranty plus a free HDMI cable. It had been selling for a few hundred dollars more, but you can buy it right now at this price at Crutchfield and a few other retailers.

We've reached out to Vizio to see if it will be repeated. We didn't test this model, which we presume is an entry-level 4K set, but LG TVs typically do well in our ratings. This is currently the lowest price we've seen for a inch 4K TV from a major brand. It's selling at a few retailers, such as P. It was also part of the Sam's Club early sale, but a price wasn't listed. Costco, however, is offering a 15 percent mail-in rebate. This is a nice savings, but you can do a bit better by opting for the warehouse club version—the Samsung UN82NUD—above.

We don't know how the set will perform, because we haven't tested it, but it has more features than the D-series set, including support for Dolby Vision HDR, something the other model lacked.

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Black Friday TV Price Predictions - Consumer Reports

Welcome to Consumer Reports. The pickings also get pretty slim when it comes to connectivity. Neither are smart functions, with some manufacturers keeping prices low by sticking to older "dumb" technology. Bargain hunters should always double check the specifications for the model they plan to buy, since not even basic features can be taken for granted. For more ways to get the most TV bang for your buck, check out our guide to buying a cheap TV.

The Vizio inch D-Series D24f-F1 is small enough to perch on a desk or a coffee table, making it a great choice for a kitchen counter, a cramped apartment or a small dorm room. The TV offers full HD resolution, with pretty great performance given the price. And even though the TV is small, Vizio doesn't scrimp on the smarts, giving the D-Series the same full-featured version of its SmartCast platform that you'd see on it's larger, more premium sets. It's also a good set for gaming, with respectably short lag times 24 milliseconds , and a pair of HDMI ports that let you connect a game console alongside a cable or satellite box.

The inch Samsung M is a compact, low-cost TV that manages to offer some great smart functions. The set struggled in terms of color accuracy and sound quality, but it manages to offer decent brightness nits and has a better color gamut than most competing sets. The M is also is slimmer than most TVs in this price range, and while it's not as svelte as some premium models, it's wall-mountable and has a size and weight that are well-suited to regular moves, whether it's from room to room or packing up to head to a new house.

That alone makes it a great deal, but our enthusiasm is tempered a bit after testing and hands-on use. Inconsistent backlighting left the screen looking like a picture frame, with a bright stripe running around the outside edge of the LCD panel.

Best Black Friday TV Deals for 2018

Poor detail and motion handling meant that densely packed details created unwanted noise in the picture, and color accuracy was among the worst we've seen, with a Delta-E rating of 7. The set's two watt speakers offered distortion free sound, but overall volume levels were pretty quiet, and anything in the bass range is mostly absent. But the real throwback on the Full HD TV is the feature set, which omits any online connectivity or smart functions.

That's fine if you plan to connect the TV to a game console or a streaming stick, but when every other TV in this price range still manages to provide streaming through Netflix and YouTube, the absence of smart functions is another strike against a TV that's only just okay. The most glaring issue is the p display, which is lower resolution than what's offered by many over-the-air broadcasts and game consoles from the last 10 years. There's also the issue of color It also has wimpy speakers that make everything sound like it's being piped through a tin can.