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The reserved seats will cost you a little extra. However, during busy periods particularly national holidays the non-reserved carriages do fill up, so it may be worth making a reservation to avoid the risk of standing throughout the journey. For more details on buying tickets please check the JR Central website.

When you purchase your tickets you will receive three cards. You can use this ticket to pass through regular JR ticket gates. You will need both your basic fare ticket and super express ticket to pass through the shinkansen gates. And the third card may look like a ticket, but it is actually just a receipt. You can see a pictorial English guide to these tickets on the JR Central website.

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Be sure to keep all your tickets safely so you can show them to the conductor on the train. In general it is easier to buy shinkansen tickets at an office than at a machine. This pass is recommended if you intend to do much long distance travel in Japan as it offers significant savings. This pass is only available to foreign tourists and must be bought before you come to Japan. Platt Kodama offers a discount ticket of 10, yen on the Kodama shinkansen between Tokyo and Shin-Osaka. This is the slowest of the shinkansen train types on the Tokaido route and takes about 4 hours to cover the distance because it stops at all stations.

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Check the official website for details. Ask on our forum. It also means we can get to the correct number on the platform for our carriage, be in line and ready to go when the train arrives. When boarding, I usually look after kids and my beautiful hubby deals with luggage.

Tokaido Sanyo Shinkansen Reservation App!! (Information Page)

A mixture of our own and things we buy as we go. We usually have some cash for an ekiben a lunch box that can be purchased in the station using ingredients of the local town where it has been made and we also have our own family traditions. We always love to eat jyagariko potato crisp sticks and toppo thin pretzel tube crackers with chocolate inside while on the bullet train.

The bullet train trolley can only store so much. This is an example of snacks that we have bought on the train platform to then eat on the train. I purchased these in Nagoya. Do NOT wait until your train is arriving in the station to get ready and packed up. This is not a normal train. The stop will be very very brief. Tourists are well known for missing their stop completely.

Sometimes the ticketing staff will give out little sticker books for kids. So cute — and every little bit of entertainment helps, right? I get this question ALL the time. Sorry to disappoint though, inside the train is a totally smooth ride.

Shinkansen - How To Buy Bullet Train Tickets

I actually find it easier to entertain kids than on a plane as there are no seatbelts and kids can move about much more freely. For this reason, I recommend kids by the window and adults on the aisle. They can get up and down, off the seat, on the seat, looking out the window etc. A light long-sleeved shirt to wear under a jacket is probably a good option, even for kids. The reason being : bullet trains are seriously overheated in winter and seriously chilly in summer. Mt Fuji is not always easy to spot. She most often makes an appearance in winter on a clear day with a beautiful blue sky. If your kids love trains and everything transport, I think you would also like these activities for transport-crazy here. For more tips on mindful train ettiquette in Japan see my post here. This is jyagariko.

This is an ekiben. Keep tickets close for when the conductor comes around to check. Plug in phone chargers in the electrical sockets provided. If you have family in the seat in front or behind — did you know that the seat with flip so that you can face one another?