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Major Assets: The Most Valuable Teams in Baseball

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New York Yankees. Boston Red Sox. Chicago Cubs. Atlanta Braves. Los Angeles Dodgers. Milwaukee Brewers. Major League Baseball.

How baseball owners came to value profits over World Series titles | Sport | The Guardian

Statista is a great source of knowledge, and pretty helpful to manage the daily work. The most important statistics. Need help with using Statista for your research? Tutorials and first steps. Revenue multiple of Major League Baseball franchises in Major League Baseball World Series champion survey Team people want the least to make the World Series All time luxury tax payments of MLB clubs Among the current deals are ones that end as late as and The starting shortstop for the World Series winner might not have learned to walk yet. As MLB rakes in the corporate partner and the TV money, other sources of revenue become less-and-less important.

Attendance, primarily. That this is not a big hit to the bottom line is a relatively recent phenomenon, by the way. Now, not nearly as much. The only constant in life is change. Except there is one reason to worry: given the financial structure as currently set up, what incentive does any team have to, you know, win? If you own a team and you are getting billions from TV over the next couple of decades, and billions in random windfalls from gambling and internet side businesses and by making such-and-such a company and official partner of Major League Baseball — and if actually drawing fans to the ballpark is less important than ever — why put any money into your team?

Why pay ballplayers? Why try to even compete? To do so is to take money out of your own pocket for very little financial reward, relatively speaking. In the past, when winning games and drawing fans was pretty important you had an incentive to field a respectable team. It may just pay you in the form of an ego boost. As Bill noted earlier today , the free agent market is once again stagnant, with over a third of the teams simply refusing to participate in it in any meaningful way. At least half of the American League is either not trying to compete at all in or are at least not trying to improve themselves.

There are likewise far more teams in the National League who are either rebuilding or standing largely pat than there are those who could be said to be trying hard to get better. It was about exploiting inefficiencies in the market out of necessity. At the moment — when teams are swimming in record revenues but spending nothing on free agents — I suspect there is an increasing competitive inefficiency to be found in actually spending money on free agents.

If everyone is zigging and you effectively zag, you win. That route is not being exploited, however, because the interest in many front offices is not in winning baseball games. The Players Union, by the way, can take a bow for helping these conditions persist, thanks to a couple of Collective Bargaining Agreements which further incentivize teams to not spend money on players. That, of course, is the subject of other rants, past and future. Large windfalls for inventing some cool streaming platform are not going to recur on a regular basis. Gambling partnerships, I suspect, will be less lucrative as time goes on and as sports gambling becomes more ubiquitous.

For as much as we love it, baseball is a very small part of the economy and it will suffer ebbs and flows in ancillary revenue just like every other small part of the economy does.

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The side income that has little to do with actual baseball arrived unexpectedly and will likely leave just as unexpectedly. More significantly, those TV deals, while currently very long-term propositions, are finite. Technology, the media business as a whole or even laws and politics may totally change the valuation structure of sports broadcasts and those multi-billion dollar deals may become much smaller or, perhaps, even disappear entirely down the road. I wonder sometimes if big league owners worry about all of this stuff, but then I remember that big league owners are not exactly big on experience when it comes to facing consequences.

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Jeff Loria drove two baseball teams into the ground and made out like a bandit. Frank McCourt went bankrupt, disgraced himself in stunning public fashion yet still wound up with a financial windfall, bouncing effortlessly to the life of a soccer mogul. Most of these guys have lived charmed lives or, at the very least, know when to cut and run, so I doubt most of them are losing sleep over whether or not the current gravy train is sustainable for the long term.

In the end, however, the only thing MLB can count on, always, is that it puts on baseball games and that people still like baseball. If it continues down a path in which lots of its money comes from non-baseball sources or sources which are not dependent upon fielding winning baseball teams — and if, in the event, a large number of teams continue to show no actual interest in winning — there will be fewer and fewer fans who care about the game.

Heck, a lot different.